Westingtonhouse Replacement Parts DC Magnet Shoes

Ref # Description of Part Part # Frame 83 Part # Frame 1035 Part # Frame 1355 Part # Frame 1665 Part # Frame 1985 Part # Frame 2311 Part # Frame 3014
1 Hinge Block Magnet End E008067 E008067 E013125 E016073 E019070 E023062 E030096
2 Main Spring Seat E008037 E010076 E013039 E016206 E019042 E023038 E030026
3 Main Spring E008039 E010080 E013042 E016039 E019044 E023045 E030025
4 Inner Hinge Block E008034 E010074 E013036 E016035 E019038 E023036 E030031
5 Release Bushing E010075 E010075 E013037 E013037 E019039 E019039 E030032
6 Tie Rod E008049 E010086 E013052 E016200 E019057 E023047 E030033
7 Adjusting Screw Block E008041 E010083 E013045 E016040 E019048 E023046 E030034
8 Adjusting Screw E008035 E008035 E016036 E016036 E019040 E019040 E030035
9 Flex Locknut No longer Avail

10 Wheel End Spring E010079 E010079 E013041 E016207 E023027 E023027 E023027
11 Wheel and Spring Seat E008031 E008031 E013031 E016203 E019032 E023030 E030036
12 Wheel End Hinge Block E008068 E008068 E016031 E016205 E019071 E023063 E030097
13 Brake Wheel 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
14 Brake Shoe Complete E008025 E010047 E013025 E016025 E019024 E023025 E030027
15 Lining and Rivet Kit E008057 E010114 E013055 E016053 E019065 E023055 E030054
16 Brake Shoe Bolt E010070 E010070 E013053 E016027 E019027 E023028 E030040
17 Outer Brake Shoe Arm E008042 E010115 E013064 E016060 E019058 E023056 E030041

Bushing E008028 E008028 E013027 E013027 E019028 E019028 E030045
18 Base E008059 E010116 E013066 E016051 E019066 E023057 E030042
19 Bushing E008028 E008028 E013028 E013028 E019029 E019029 E030045
20 Pivot Pin E010072 E010072 E013034 E016033 E019036 E023034 E030043
21 Inner Brake Shoe Arm E008060 E010117 E013067 E016061 E019067 E023058 E030044

Bushing E008028 E008028 E013027 E013027 E019028 E019028 E030045
22 Clapper and Arm E008061 E010118 E013068 E016052 E019059 E023052 E030046
23 Stop Pin E008029 E008029 E013030 E016028 E019030 E023029 E030047
24 Clapper Arm E008045 E010119 E013056 E016063 E019060 E023051 E030048
25 Clapper E008030 E010078 E013029 E016050 E019031 E023040 E030049
26 Coil and Magnet 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Dust Seal for Coil E008038 E010077 E013040 E016038 E019043 E023039 E030050
27 Spring Clip E008032 E008032 E013032 E016030 E019033 E023033 E030051
28 Tension Spring E008040 E010085 E013044 E013044 E023044 E023044 E030052
29 Tension Spring Pin E010073 E010073 E013035 E016034 E019037 E023035 E030053

When Ordering give complete name plate

reading and part number stamped on part

Lining Kit for old style brakes w/rivet lining







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